Call for papers - Dossier: Political archaeologies of the future: from accelerationism to Anthropocene (Mediações, vol. 27, n. 1 - 2022/1).


Editors: Emmanuel Biset (CONICET-Argentina) and Isabel Cristina Naranjo Noreña (Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Argentina).

This proposal intends to join researches within Social Sciences and philosophy regarding the difficulties and possibilities to define what politics mean today. The researches should engage the problems involved in the definition of a direction among the contemporary lefts which contemplating the imagination of other futures. In doing that, this proposal highlights the future as a fundamental subject, meaning to question the critics to the present and how we arrived at where we are, but also analyze the characteristics of possible futures, of future imaginaries. Since nowadays we recognize the dismissal of the notion of "progress" as the model for the future, our interest is thinking of how the future appears in the configuration of contemporary politics though.

Call for papers will be open until November 15, 2021.

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