Call for papers - Dossier: Women and politics, and politics for women in the obscurantism of the early 21st century (Mediações, vol. 29, n. 1 - 2024/1).


Editors: Daniela Tonneli Manica (Unicamp) and Martha Célia Rámirez-Gálvez (UEL).

There are many forms of violence to which women and other minorities are currently subjected, especially in recent years with the growth of the ultra-right, as an expression of Bolsonarism, in the case of Brazil. The purpose of this call is to bring together recent analysis on articulations between women and politics(ies), from an intersectional perspective. We hope to bring together articles that address the presence of women in politics, in various representative positions; in candidacies and electoral processes; that discuss experiences of political gender violence and misogyny; misogynistic and racist, homo/bi/transphobic ableist approaches in press vehicles and/or digital social networks. We will select texts that consider the obstacles posed by the current context in the maintenance, extinction or absenceof public policies for women, such as poverty or menstrual dignity; maternities; contraceptionand abortion; pregnancy, childbirth and puerperium; assisted reproduction; combating genderviolence, femicide and transfemicide, among other topics.

Call for papers will be open until October 15, 2023; unpublished texts will be accepted in Portuguese, Spanish and English. Contributions should be submitted through the journal's online system:

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