Call for papers - Dossier: Forgotten continuities and forged disruptions between dictatorships and democracies (Mediações, vol. 28, n. 2 - 2023/2).


Editor: Ana Carina Azevedo (Universidade de Coimbra).

This thematic issue proposal aims at bringing together contributions of researchers from several areas of the Social Sciences and Humanities regarding the study of less known continuities and forged disruptions between dictatorships and democracies. Whether talking about revolutions or transition processes, the political regime shifts are often analyzed under the idea of rupture, being given less attention to the elements of continuity. This proposal seeks to highlight the relevance of the analysis of these continuities based on four main arguments: it stresses its importance for the understanding of the revolutionary and transition processes; it questions the role of

Call for papers will be open until March 15, 2023; unpublished texts will be accepted in Portuguese, Spanish and English. Contributions should be submitted through the journal's online system:

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