Call for the Special Issue – ARCHAEOMETRY (2023)


In 2023, in partnership with the IV EBRARQ, we will publish a special edition in the journal Semina: Exact and Technological Sciences of UEL, with the theme “ARCHEOMETRY”. Therefore, we invite the scientific community of the event to share their research to be published in this edition. This edition will be open for article submission until June 30 of 2023. The journal has adopted the continuous flow publication system since 2020.

The articles must be original contributions and follow the publishing rules of the journal (text in English and peer review evaluation).


This edition will be managed by the guest professors:

Dr. Fábio Luiz Melquiades - Department of Physics - UEL;
Dr. Carlos Roberto Appoloni  - Department of Physics - UEL;
Dr. Luis Carlos Duarte Cavalcante - Department of Archeology, UFPI;
Dr. Thiago Sevilhano Puglieri - Department of Art History - UCLA - University of California, Los Angeles.


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Current Issue

Vol. 44 (2023)

Continuous flow

Published: 2023-04-28

  • Analysis of Archaeological Ceramics from the Paranaense Museum Collection by EDXRF Technique

    Maria Sélia Blonski, Carlos Roberto Appoloni, Cláudia Inês Parellada
  • Pigment Identification and Depth Profile in Pictorial Artworks by Non-Invasive Hybrid XRD-XRF Portable System

    Ariadna Mendoza-Cuevas, Jorge Fernández-de-Cossio , Nehal Ali, Dina Atwa
  • Gilding Analysis of the Decorative Paintings of Emperor D. Pedro II’s Berlin Device

    Raysa C. Nardes, Francis A. C. R. A., Ramon S. Santos, Hamilton Gama Filho, Renato P. Freitas, Davi F. Oliveira, Joaquim T. Assis, Eliane M. Zanatta, Marcelino J. Anjos
  • Characterization of Pigments and Materials of the Original Body and Additions of the Book of Hours 50,1,1 from the Brazilian National Library

    Isamara Lara de Carvalho, Renato Pereira de Freitas, Hiram Araújo, Ana Luísa Baddini, Ana Letícia Castro de Oliveira, Letícia Silva de Paula, Luisa Malizia

  • Determination of Cu2+ and Zn2+ in Flaxseed Flour by FAAS and DPASV using Different Sample Treatments

    Fabio Antonio Cajamarca Suquila, Leticia Alana Bertoldo, Luana Rianne da Rocha, Alexandra Beal, Milena do Prado Ferreira, Renan Mendes Ruiz, Tainara Capelari, César Ricardo Teixeira Tarley

  • Evaluation of Intergranular Corrosion in 7050-T7451 Aluminum Structures Influenced by Temperature and Contact with Cutting Fluid

    Murillo de Moraes Valentim, Janaina Fracaro de Souza Gonçalves, Alisson Lemos dos Santos, Vinícius José Sichieri
  • Use of Soybean Oil like as Fuel for Diesel Cycle Engine

    Márcio Turra de Ávila, Luben Cabezas-Gómez, Luben Miguel Cruz Cabezas, Simone Pereira de Souza, Dev Sagar Shrestha
  • Real-Time Ego-Lane Detection in a Low-Cost Embedded Platform using CUDA-Based Implementation

    Guilherme Brandão da Silva, Daniel Strufaldi Batista, Décio Luiz Gazzoni Filho, Marcelo Carvalho Tosin, Leonimer Flávio Melo

  • Stability of the Epidemiological Model SIR with Loss of Immunity

    Adeval Lino Ferreira, Kalel Bispo Gimenez Araujo Araujo
  • Numerical Simulation of the Production of Core-Shell Microparticles

    Célio Fernandes, Luis L. Ferrás, Alexandre M. Afonso
  • Reactive-Advective-Diffusive Models for the Growth of Gliomas Treated with Radiotherapy

    Bruno da Silva Machado, Gustavo Benitez Alvarez, Diomar Cesar Lobão

  • Nonlinear Canonical correspondence Analysis: Description of the data of Coffee

    Herbert Stein Pereira Torres Santos, Marcelo Angelo Cirillo, Flávio Meira Borém, Diana Del Rocío Rebaza Fernández
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