Peer Review

The journal Semina: Exact and Technological Sciences on its editorial policy has the following criteria for the evaluation process: the adequacy related to the focus and scope of the area selected by the author and to technical (APA), grammatical and formal norms of the journal, relevance, content, textual coherence, and theoretical-methodological consistency.

The evaluation process consists of the following phases:

  1. The manuscripts will be submitted to members of the Editorial Board for critique, the members will be selected according to the theme’s area, and the specialization of the member.
  2. The manuscripts are submitted for evaluation without the identification of the authors.
  3. The selection process for publication involves the evaluation from members of the Editorial Board, Editorial Commission, and “ad hoc” expert opinions.
  4. Articles will be directed to two “ad hoc” reviewers, who will give a statement, by using the Peer Review Evaluation Form, and they will recommend one of three options:
    • Accept.
    • Partially accept with modifications.
    • Decline the manuscript.
  5. In cases where modifications were requested, the statements will be sent to authors, they must include the revised original text within their flux of work, and add the suggestions made by the reviewers, within a maximum of 7 days.

The estimated time counting from submission until approval is approximately 3 months, or as soon as possible as it is evaluated by the reviewers with a quick return to finalize the evaluation flow.