Publication Malpractice Statement

The journal Semina: Exact and Technological Sciences informs the collaborators about editorial improvements that aim for the integrity of the published articles - Code of Conduc and Best Practice Guidelines for Journal Editors Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) - that encourage plagiarism identification, malpractice, fraud, possible breaches of ethics, and whistleblowing, the journal recommends:

  1. the authors to visit COPE’s website to obtain more information about research ethics.
  2. all authors included in the article’s submission must meet authorship criteria and no researcher involved in the investigation must be omitted from the author list.

The content of scientific articles will be evaluated to identify any kind of plagiarism, double submission, and possible fraud in research. After this process, the editors and editorial board decide if the manuscript will be sent for peer review, in which reviewers will also make their own assessments. The final approval of the article is the responsibility of the editors and editorial board.