Call for Papers for Special Issue on Sustainability


The Journal Semina: Exact and Technological Sciences invites researchers, academics, and professionals to submit their work for the special issue on Sustainability. This issue aims to publish articles that address the challenges and advancements related to sustainability in various areas of exact sciences.

Articles may explore, but are not limited to, topics such as:

• Sustainable technologies and innovations.
• Modeling and simulation for sustainability.
• Sustainable management of natural. resources.
• Renewable energies and energy efficiency
• Urban and rural sustainability.
• Environmental impact and sustainable development.

The Journal Semina: Exact and Technological Sciences is an open-access publication that promotes the dissemination of high-quality scientific knowledge. Submitted articles will be evaluated by reviewers specialized in the field, ensuring the relevance and quality of the published works.
Do not miss this opportunity to contribute to the advancement of scientific knowledge on sustainability. The edition will be open for submission until October 16, 2024.

Submit your article through the journal's system.

The edition will be coordinated by guest professors:

Dr. Paulo Laerte Natti - Department of Mathematics - UEL, Londrina, Brazil;

Dr. César Ricardo Tarley, Department of Chemistry - UEL, Londrina, Brazil

Dr. Túlio Tibúrcio, Department of Architecture and Urbanism - UEL, Londrina, Brazil

Dr. Ariadna Mendoza Cuevas,  Havana, Cuba

For more information on submission guidelines, please visit:

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Vol. 45 (2024)
Published: 2024-03-28

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