Call for papers - Dossier: Policing demonstrations (Mediações, vol. 26, n. 3 - 2021/3).


Editors: Bruno Konder Comparato (UNIFESP) and John Topping (Queen’s University Belfast - Northern Ireland).

In modern democratic societies the policing of demonstrations is one of the most delicate tasks and reveals much about the quality of democracy. The aim of this dossier is to congregate articles that propose a reflection on the subject from the point of view of public power and police forces and their strategies for following, containing or repressing a demonstration; from the point of view of social and collective movements of demonstrators; or from the work of activist lawyers who seek to mediate between these two groups. We believe that the time is ripe for analysis of the policing of public protests in relation to the pandemic, the worsening economic conditions and the Black Lives Matter movement in the US and the UK. Comparative analyses based on significant experiences in different countries are equally welcome.

Call for papers will be open until July 15, 2021.

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