Operating Costs Reducing in MDF Manufacturing Industries

Operating Costs Reducing in MDF Manufacturing Industries


  • José Augusto Coeve Florino Universiadade Sagrado Coração
  • Leonimer Flávio de Mello Universiade Estadual de Londrina
  • Robledo Fernandes Carazzai Universidade Estadual de Londrina




Predictive maintenance techniques, Reduced operating costs, Production management


The sustained efforts by electric motors when subjected to cutting, trimming or finishing are directly related to the material being machined and the angle of attack of the tool. Choosing the right tool for this operation depends on an expected result. So the engines behave differently to each operation. The optimization between strength, speed, power, material and type of operation, can be found to reduce operational costs of production, besides determining the exact time to make the set-up of worn tool. The reduction in operating costs is an item of sustainability that outlines the strategic positioning on companies to become competitive in the global marketplace. With the great technological development present today, this issue goes away with the very latest products on the market for professionals who carry out maintenance activities. As a practical problem of the minimal operating cost and higher productivity will be dealt with in these modern maintenance equipment such as power quality analyzer, Imager, profile projector and microscope for research. The result of this work is the optimization of the cutting operation and energy consumption thereby demonstrating an optimum point of operation in a case study presented in this work.


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Author Biographies

José Augusto Coeve Florino, Universiadade Sagrado Coração

Aluno de mestrado do Departamento de Engenharia Elétrica da Universidade Estadual de Londrina, Engenheiro Eletricista, Engenheiro de Produção Mecânica e Coordenador do Curso de Engenharia de Produção da Universidade Sagrado Coração em Bauru/SP

Leonimer Flávio de Mello, Universiade Estadual de Londrina

Engenheiro Eletricista, Mestre e Doutor em Engenharia Elétrica e Docente do Departamento de Engenharia Elétrica da Universidade Estadual de Londrina



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Florino, J. A. C., de Mello, L. F., & Carazzai, R. F. (2014). Operating Costs Reducing in MDF Manufacturing Industries. Semina: Ciências Exatas E Tecnológicas, 35(1), 77–86. https://doi.org/10.5433/1679-0375.2014v35n1p77



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